It begins with a question...

Sometime around the turn of the millennium, a budding filmmaker mailed a letter to the Spotted Peccary Music record label asking if two of the label’s standout artists would be willing to work together – in collaboration – on a score for a short film.

The artists in question were of course David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, and what followed was the birth of a musical collaboration that would eventually lead to a groundbreaking trilogy of genre-defining albums and inspire millions of listeners over the following two decades.

Always working side by side, Helpling & Jenkins, driven in their pursuit to create the music of their dreams, released three extraordinary albums that set a new standard for epic ambient music. Filled with compelling and expansive multi-layered rhythms, alluring yet elusive textures, and strong melodies that soar over powerful percussion, synths, and guitars before falling away to reveal vast spaces of deep and mystifying ambience, Treasure, The Crossing, and Found go above and beyond to deliver the essentials for an epic musical journey. The beloved trilogy earned the duo an unprecedented FIVE Zone Music Awards from the association of radio broadcasters in the genre, and the enduring international success of these albums leaves no doubt that the combined artistic vision of Helpling & Jenkins remains beyond compare.

Now, as they continue to collaborate into the future, Helpling and Jenkins remain fearless in their pursuit of the lush and monumental sound that has always dominated their artistic vision.